Build Emotional, Physical, And Mental Patterns That Serve You

We are all the sum of our patterns. Let me give you the tools you need to build your dream healthy lifestyle.

We Are The Sum Of Our Patterns

If you change your patterns, you can change your life. You are the master of your reality. Take charge and build the healthy lifestyle of your dreams.

Emotional Patterns

Your feelings guide you to what you really want from life. The most overlooked question in health and fitness is, “are you happy?” The reality is, if you’re not happy, nothing else really matters. Really get to know yourself and what you want your life to look like. Then get the tools you need to make that your reality.

Physical Patterns

The way we move, or don’t move, our bodies all-day, every day shapes them. The quality of our movement can keep us robust and healthy, or it can set us up for chronic pain and injury. Learn to fix your movement patterns to build a robust, strong, and mobile body.

Mental Patterns

What we think shapes our reality. Our thoughts are the lens through which we process the world around us. Are your thoughts helping you achieve your goals or are they setting up roadblocks to keep you stuck where you are? Learn to push past limiting beliefs and achieve your dreams.

Meet Benjamyn

Benjamyn has been obsessed with movement his entire life. It was, and still is, almost impossible to get him to sit still! He has been learning about health and fitness since he started competitive swimming at 9 years old.

This movement obsession has turned into a life-long study of health and wellness. Benjamyn believes that there is more to health than just workouts and meal plans. His coaching methodology looks at the entire person and encourages lifestyle changes that will help you create the healthy lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

Benjamyn Smith Crawling